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Youthful Glow Candle

Youthful Glow Candle

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FRAGRANCE NOTES: Gardenia tuberose, Vetiver, and Amber oud

“Youthful Glow” is a luxurious candle fragrance that combines the alluring notes of vetiver, gardenia tuberose, and amber oud. This exquisite blend evokes a sense of youthful allure, luxury, and sophistication, creating an ambiance of radiant beauty and elegance.

At the heart of "Youthful glow" lies the captivating essence of vetiver. The earthy and woody aroma of vetiver exudes a sense of grounded elegance, representing the wisdom and strength that come with the passage of time.

Complementing the vetiver, gardenia tuberose's rich and intoxicating notes emerge as a velvety and floral layer. The enchanting floral bouquet of gardenia and tuberose brings a sense of youthful beauty and innocence to the composition, infusing the fragrance with a radiant and blossoming charm.

Enhancing the youthful glow, the Amber Oud infuses the fragrance with a warm and inviting touch. The sweet and resinous aroma of amber oud adds a sense of luxury and sensuality to the blend, creating a captivating and radiant allure.

The combination of vetiver, gardenia tuberose, and amber oud in "Youthful glow" creates a luxurious and multi-dimensional scent experience that celebrates the beauty of youth and the wisdom of maturity. Lighting "Youthful glow" fills your space with an enchanting aura of timeless elegance and a radiant glow that captivates the senses. 

“Youthful glow” is the perfect choice for those seeking a luxury candle fragrance that blends youthful allure with sophistication, creating an ambiance that celebrates the beauty of every stage of life.
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