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Enchanted Earth Car Diffuser - Hanging

Enchanted Earth Car Diffuser - Hanging

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FRAGRANCE NOTES: Cedarwood blanc, Oakmoss amber, Whiskey, Tonka, Asian sandalwood and Suede smoke

“Enchanted Earth” is a sophisticated car diffuser that combines the rich scents of cedarwood Blanc, oakmoss amber, whiskey, tonka oud, Asian sandalwood, and suede smoke.

This luxurious blend creates an elegant and opulent ambiance for your car, making your journey a captivating and indulgent experience. The fragrance evokes feelings of warmth, allure, and sophistication, enveloping you in a comforting embrace as you drive.

Let “Enchanted Earth infuse your car with a captivating and indulgent allure, elevating your driving experience to new heights of sophistication and luxury. Enjoy your journey as the harmonious blend of scents creates a comforting and opulent atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on all who travel with you.

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